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New eyes

Perspective is an interesting thing. If you’re looking at the same things, the same landscape, the same city, it’s difficult to see it differently. You develop habits. But put yourself in a different environment and it suddenly gets easier. Change the people and the language and it’s almost like rebooting yourself. There are no familiar routes, no landmarks that make…

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Who’s story is it anyway?

No, it’s not yours. No matter what you may think, the story just isn’t yours. You may have a hand in it, you may even pick it up off the backlog and start working on it, but really, it belongs to the team. As a Business Analyst on an Agile project (or indeed, on any project), it’s your responsibility to…

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Life Skills #2549

Life Skills #2549 Don’t stop and congregate at the top or bottom of stairs or escalators. If you don’t know which way to turn, just move out of the way. The people behind you will be grateful.

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